Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Inspirational Story

Sometimes we just need to appreciate the little things in being healthy, having family & friends. Below is an inspirational story about a 4 year old boy named Thomas. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and rather than complaining because you don't have a "special someone", love on the people you do have and thank God for them! 

"Thomas' story, as told by his parents: 
Our son, Thomas Kramer, is the first survivor out of five known documented cases of a extremely rare combination of congenital heart defects, interrupted aortic arch and tetralogy of fallot. These defects together are not viable for life. Born on March 10, 2009, Thomas was an astonishing miracle of God. He was transferred to Mott where Dr. Jennifer Hirsch performed three open heart surgeries in three months to save his life. He had so many complications, some life threatening, but overcame them. He is a Mott Conquering Hero, a first survivor, a miracle." - C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Facebook Page

If you have a second, go "like" Thomas' story and picture on facebook and help spread the word. 

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