Friday, September 28, 2012

Lecrae - Gravity Album Review

Lecrae released his newest album titled "Gravity" on September 4th, 2012 through Reach Records.

The album starts off withe the song "The Drop". Beginning with a classical sounding string intro, this song sets the tone for the epic-ness of the album. "The Drop" is one of my favorite songs on the album because it pretty much has it all, a cool beat, strings, a guitar solo, and of course amazing rap. The next song on the album is the self-titled track "Gravity" featuring J.R.This song is a little slower and more mellow, at least on the chorus. Another one of my favorites on the album is the next song "Walk With Me" featuring Novel. The lyrics of this song talk about crying out to God for help. I think the guest vocals from Novel are really great, and I had never even heard of him before hearing this song!

The next song on the album is "Free From It All" featuring Mathai. It was kind of a shock to me that Mathai was guest starring on this song with Lecrae, because I had watched her for a few weeks on the TV show The Voice. The next song on the album is called "Falling Down" and it features Swoope & Trip Lee. This song has a tough and almost militant sounding beat which I love! Once again some great guest vocals on this song. I love the next song called "Fakin'" which features Thi'sl. This song just has a fun rap/hip hop that in parts reminds me of "Represent" which is one of my favorite songs by Lecrae. The next song on the album is "Violence". I also really like the sound of this song, because it has some Jamaican influence in the sound. I think you either love or hate this song.

Starting off slower is the next song "Mayday" featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Ashton Jones. This song isn't my favorite on the album, it's not bad....just musically its not as much my style. However the lyrics are really good, and challenging. The next song on the album is called "Confe$$ions". This song has more of talking style of rap, although the chorus is still singing. The lyrics are really really good though basically saying money isn't everything. Then comes a song called "Buttons". This song talks a lot about relationships, which so do a lot of main stream artists. What makes this song different in my opinion is that it isn't inappropriate or degrading to women or men. This song is encouraging and challenging listeners to fight for your marriage and other relationships.

The next song on the album is called "Power Trip" featuring Pro, Sho Baraka & Andy Mineo. The first thing I noticed about this song was all the bass! Now I may have noticed that first mainly because my brother and I love to crank up the bass on songs! However this song also has great lyrics which talk about not letting your success or fame get to your head, because it will lead to a power trip. One of my favorite artists that Lecrae has worked with is Tedashii. So I was very excited to hear the next song which features Tedashii the song is called "Lord Have Mercy". This song didn't really disappoint me, but it also didn't really stand out at least compared to some of the other songs on the album.

The next song on the album is "I Know". This song has a cool sound with some different electronic sounds. However it is pretty repetitive, and it repeats the line "I Know" over and over. "Tell The World" is the next song on the album and it features Mali Music. This song is a little slower but I actually still really like the sound, not to mention how amazing the lyrics are. Finishing out the album is the song "Lucky Ones" featuring Rudy Currence. When this song starts you kind of wonder if it is still Lecrae's album. However when the rap kicks in there is no doubt that it is Lecrae. With a great sound and powerful lyrics, this song ends the album on a perfect note.

Lecrae did not disappoint with "Gravity". The album was actually better than I had expected it to be. I would highly recommend this album, so much so that I am giving it a perfect 5 stars!

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