Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Independent Artist Of The Week: The Trust Project

This weeks "Independent Artist Of The Week" is.......... "The Trust Project". Below is a little bit about them from their Facebook page.

"The Trust Project was founded in 2005 by Tim Parady, former member of national recording artist Seventh Day Slumber.
The band began as a Christian rock band and released two EP's: Breaking the Silence and Hope. They released four songs to radio, which achieved airtime in 72 markets across the US, Canada, South America and the UK. They have shared the stage with Fireflight, Day of Fire, Nevert
heless, Run Kid Run, Inhabited, Remedy Drive, Manafest and Seventh Day Slumber. 

"Something was missing though" says lead vocalist Tim Parady. "I certainly love the idea of bringing glory to God through music, but I always felt like there was more". After five years of rock concerts, The Trust Project has turned their focus to creating a time to interact with God through praise and worship. "As an artist, to have a crowd singing along to your songs is an awesome and humbling experience. But when you have a room full of believers worshiping God at the top of their lungs and not even caring who is on stage.....you cannot put that into words" says Tim.

Turning in their rock and roll and heading back to a heart of worship, The Trust Project can be found leading audiences into the presence of God through energetic praise and passionate worship."

The members of the band are:

Tim Parady: Vocals, piano, guitar and bass

Tammy Parady: Guitar and BGV's

Larry Skidmore: Lead Guitarist

Cameron Hawkins: Bass

Justin Pholman: Drums

Also below is a video for their song "Undried Tears".

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