Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Steven Welch - Color Of Love Review

Steven Welch released his brand new album under Dream Records September 18th, the album is called "Color Of Love".

Kicking off the album is the self-titled track "Color Of Love". This song has a pretty good sound and lyrics, although it is kind of repetitive. I really enjoyed the beat of this song though! The next song on the album is "You See Hope In Me". This song sounds vaguely familiar, but yet new and fresh. This song reminds me a lot of one of my favorite bands growing up, Delirious. I really enjoyed "You See Hope In Me" and I think it would be even better in concert, because it has a lot of excitement just waiting to explode!

Starting off slower is the next song "Waiting". The beginning of this song I didn't care for as much because it seemed to have too much going on. Towards the end of the song however when it gets more simple with just an acoustic guitar and vocals, I really enjoyed it. The next song "I Want To Love You" starts off nice with some violins which help to make the song even more powerful than it already is. The lyrics of this song are honest and easy to relate to, which I love.

The next song on the album is "Waves". This song is a little slower and but yet it still has a good beat. This song is good, but it just seems to blur into the other songs on the album.
Picking the pace back up is the next song "Love Reaches Me". This song has more of an upbeat fun sound, but it doesn't sacrifice the message and meaning. I wish there were a few more songs like this on the album. The next song "House Of Secrets" is a little slower than the previous song, but it still has an upbeat sound that I enjoyed.

With more of a mellow sound comes the next song "More". Although this song isn't a high energy rock song, it has a really good sound and it creates a worshipful atmosphere. The next song on the album is "Send Your Light". I actually really enjoyed this song, it is one that I will listen to for a while. :) Finishing out the album is the song calm worship-filled song "The Day". I was hoping for the album to end with a bang, and it did, just not the way I expected. I was hoping for a really fun upbeat song to end the album, but instead it is an absolutely amazing sounding worship song. Honestly this is probably my favorite song on the album because it is simple but beautiful.

All in all this album was pretty good, not my favorite album of the year, but I would still say it was good. Their were a couple songs that I really enjoyed, but some of them seemed to blur together too easily and they became like one really long song. The overall message of the album was good, which I appreciate as well. I would give this album 3 stars.
  1. Color Of Love
  2. You See Hope In Me
  3. Waiting
  4. I Want To Love You
  5. Waves
  6. Love Reaches Me
  7. House Of Secrets
  8. More
  9. Send Your Light
  10. The Day

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