Friday, September 21, 2012

Independent Artist Of The Week: Will Retherford

This weeks Independent Artist Of The Week is Will Retherford. I recently found his music, and I really enjoyed listening to it. His music is described as "Christina/Gospel, Indie, Folk Rock, Acoustic", I would say that fans of The Rend Collective Experiment would really enjoy his music, because that is what his music first reminded me of. Although Will is an independent artist his music certainly doesn't lack because of that, which I greatly appreciate. Below is a little bit more about Will Retherford from his Facebook page

"A call to the sleeper to awake and walk into the light of God. A call to action to challenge all disciples of Christ to go even further in their actions of love towards the lost and hurting.

Inspired to pursue music at a worship concert, Will Retherford has passionately honed and shared his gift since he was a young teenager. Today, he not only writes his own music, but also leads worship at Oral Roberts University and Victory Church. Will has been developing his music career as a worship songwritter for the church and has work with many professional musicians doing studio work and le

arning to produce as well.

More than music, Will is also passionate about missions. He is on staff with the Oral Roberts Missions department, and travels over seas frequently throughout the year. Will is currently working to purchase supplies for an "HIV aids" children’s home in Hyderbad, India through the sale of his first album titled “Awake.” Will now travels and leads worship at a variety of many different places, presenting his creative sound in worship music and raises money for the orphans in India."

Justen Reddick- Bass
James Stockstill- Piano
Ryan Graham- Drums
Shawn Bendor- Drums
Melissa Letney- BGVs
Brooke Williams- BGVs
Max Kutz- Electric

To hear Will's music check out his Facebook page, but until then enjoy this video about Will's album "Awake".

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