Monday, January 28, 2013

New Interview With Manafest

Manafest has been busy since our last little interview with him back in 2011. He has released a new album called Fighter. He has released a lot of new music videos including the newest one for the song Human. Along with the new music Manafest has been working on writing a book! I catch up with Manafest in the exclusive interview below.

Choosing a band name can be quite tricky. Manafest is a unique name for a musician, why did you choose it? What were some of the other names in the running?

Manafest is all about being a light in a dark place. I used to be in a group called "Under One King" and my name was Speedy which I got from skateboarding. 

Your newest album Fighter is one of my favorite albums from 2012 and lyrically it is my favorite album you have released so far. What is the inspiration behind the album?

I was touring a lot during the recording of this album and so depending where I was I picked up inspiration. Part of Fighter was written in New Zealand. 

What was the recording process like for Fighter?

I demoed a lot of songs at home and recorded both in Nashville and California. I remember writing the verses for Throw it Away outside of a Starbucks in my car. 

I was kind of surprised to see that Trevor McNevan didn't do guest vocals on Fighter, since he was featured on your four previous albums. However you did collaborate with Joel Bruyere for the bonus acoustic mix of Never Let You Go, where did that idea come from and how did it go?

My manager at the time connected me with Joel. I really liked the mix on Joel's side project. It's always great working with new people. 

Out of all of your albums, which one turned out most like you originally planned?

The Chase and Glory because Adam Messinger was the main producer. 

What album would you say is your favorite?

The Chase

You just released a new music video for your song Human, what inspired the song and the video?

A fight I got in with my wife. She's actually in the video. We all need to learn to forgive and have patience with one another. We shot the video in downtown L.A and Rodeo drive. I wanted a dark cold color feel for the video. 

Who has been your your biggest influence through out your life?

Peter Daniels a business man from Australia. 

How does your family inspire you in music, but also in just everyday life?

My wife is one of my biggest inspirations. We're a real team and dream things together. I always run song ideas by her. 

When did you start skateboarding?

When I was fourteen.

How many injuries have you received do to skateboarding?

I have never broken a bone but tons of scrapes, cuts and bruises. Heel bruises are the worst or on the hips especially when your trying to sleep. 

So you have been working on writing a book? What is the book about and when are you hoping to release it?

The book is almost done. It's called "Fighter" and will be an autobiography style as I talk about the 5 keys of a Fighter. Which are courage, perseverance, discipline, mind and will power. 

Five Random Questions:

#1. What is your favorite movie?

Family man

#2. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Moved countries 

#3. Do you prefer camping or hotels?


#4. What is the last CD you bought?

Parlor Mob

#5. What time is "bedtime"?

Somewhere between 10-12

You can find Manafest on FacebookTwitter and his website.

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Morgan Jobe said...

cool interview! I'f have to agree with Manafest, my favorite album of his is "The Chase."