Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jason Castro - Only A Mountain

Today a few new albums are coming out, amongst those is Jason Castro's brand new album "Only A Mountain".

Prior to reviewing this album I had heard OF Jason Castro, but I had never actually listened to his music. The first thing I noticed was Jason's voice, he has a interesting voice...in a good way. His voice is very unique, comparable to that of Aaron Gillespie, where no matter what he sings he will put his spin on it vocally.

Musically this album is a  inspirational Pop/Rock mix. I know that doesn't tell you much, but the songs seem quite versatile they could be in just about any category. The message of the album definitely has a hopeful vibe running through it, which Jason explains in part of the albums Press Release below.

"I really can't begin to tell you how excited I am about my new album, Only A Mountain. I've had some amazing things happen to me recently - marrying my wife, the birth of our daughter - and now this.
Life really is beautiful, and that's what I want people to be reminded of when they listen to these new songs," said Castro. "It's been a long and exciting road getting to this point where I am now. A place where I feel like I have really discovered myself, both musically and personally, and this album really captures that journey. A journey full of struggles, but never absent of hope. I think that's what comes out in these songs. Regardless of where you come from or what you're going through, there's hope here for everyone."

To me the stand out tracks on the album are Same Kind Of Broken, Runaway & Good Love. The song Same Kind Of Broken is a slower piano focused song, which features additional vocals by "Moriah Peters". The additional vocalist creates an absolutely beautiful duet, one of the best I have heard for a while.
Runaway is probably my favorite track on the album for its energy and beat, along with the crowd vocals at the end. Good Love is yet another style of music, it has more of a carefree fun sound that makes you happy just listening to it.

The more I listened to the album Only A Mountain, the more I liked it. For the most part I enjoyed this album, some songs more than others, but it is still good. That is why I would give this album 3.5 stars.

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