Saturday, January 19, 2013

VOTA Releases New Album To Help Fight Against Human Trafficking

VOTA just released their brand new album called "Love Found Me". There are a lot of special things about this album. For example there are a bunch of pictures of people who helped support this album on the cover.

Another cool thing about this album is that you can download it for FREE!!! However if you decide to buy the album rather than download it for free you will not only get another bonus album, you will also be help to stop human trafficking! VOTA is partnering up Tiny Hands International and they are trying to raise $150,000. If they meet their goal they will be rescuing 3,000 girls from human trafficking!!! This is an amazing cause and they can't reach their goal with out the help of you and your friends. So check it out and ask your friends to help you end human trafficking! For more info you can go here.

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