Monday, January 21, 2013

Independent Artist Of The Month: Satelittes & Sirens

So kicking off this years Independent Artist Of The Month is..........*drum roll*.............Satellites & Sirens.

"In 2006, after Hunker moved to Nashville and began working with producer Rusty Varenkamp on what would become Satellites & Sirens, Hunker decided it was time to assemble a band. “I just put up an ad [on Craigslist] looking for guitar, bass, and drums to just see what happened,” he says. “Probably 80 percent of the stuff that came out of it was just absolutely horrible.”[3] However, from the ad Hunker managed to find drummer Jonathan Dimmel, who impressed Hunker both musically and personally. Shortly after, Dimmel introduced both Owens and Troyer to Hunker and into S&S. The band was then promoted through online advertising and social networks. Despite their origins, the band members also consider themselves close friends as opposed to just co-workers. Josue S. Lopez, Ex-Representative, and Co-manager of the band overheard Dimmel remark, “A lot of bands don’t have that. Especially when they don’t go back further than, you know, two years off Craigslist.” - Wikipedia

"Rock/Pop/Synth band Satellites & Sirens spent 2010 relentlessly touring in support of their self-titled debut record on Word/Warner Bros. An energetic live show and a desire to meet new fans quickly turned the Nashville, TN four-piece into a successful touring act. Many took notice, including MTV who featured them front and center on their website as one of their "Needle in a Haystack" artists. In addition to any mainstream attention they received, they were also nominated for two Dove Awards stemming from their successful debut record. S&S garnered strong reviews across the board and they were a breakout success on radio with their hit rock single "Anchor".

Whereas 2010 was about being on the road, 2011 would be about change, and...a new record. To start the new year, the band no longer had a big record label behind them. Knowing that they had just finished a very successful year on the road, and on radio, the band was not about to call it quits. Rather, being more determined than ever and with an even stronger belief in what the future would hold, they started writing, and writing, and writing. They fine tuned their sound, and their message until they had an arsenal of songs that they believed would make up a new record that would propel them into new heights."

Lyric video for new S&S song called You're Home

"Understanding that making a new record costs a lot of money, and S&S no longer had a record label bankroll...the band embarked on starting a Kickstarter project. With the help of fundraising through Kickstarter, and gifts from amazing fans and family, the band raised enough money to take their ideas to the studio.

With their money in place, they hit the studio. Building on their strengths of pop hooks, '80's influenced synths, soaring guitars, and unique beats, they went into the studio armed with an abundance of new song ideas. With the help of acclaimed producer Rusty Varenkamp, upstart producer, Grant Craig, and S&S's own Geoff Hunker, the band finished an album that can only be described as "more". Geoff Hunker describes the new record as being "more synthpop, more rock, more mellow, more personal, and more worshipful." Somehow the band was able to pack all of that into a powerful new 10-song record titled "Frequency". From the message of the first single "Ready to Save", to the pop beats of "Run Away", to the thundering guitars of "Take My Hand", the band has crafted a record that ebbs and flows through styles as seamlessly as water running through a stream.

Understanding the challenges of being an independent artist, and with their desire to continue to take their message of hope and love to the masses, S&S has teamed up with Eaglemont Management, and Converge booking. The bands desire is to keep a busy schedule touring for the new record, so keep an eye out for their fun and energetic live show, as they surely won't disappoint." - S&S Facebook Page

Satellites & Sirens have a unique sound that I really like. The band is also a very funny group of guys, if you like them on Facebook you know what I mean. They are always posting funny and entertaining stuff on their page. 

So make sure you check these guys out. They are a great band, and I think you will really like their music! 

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