Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shonlock - "A Night To Remember" Review

Today Shonlock released his sophomore album titled "A Night To Remember". I was able to preview this album and write a review, my thoughts on the album are below.

I was pretty impressed by Shonlock's debut album NEVERODDOREVEN, but I also knew there was room for improvement. So I was excited when I got the chance to review Shon's newest album "A Night To Remember", so that I could see how much he improved and changed in the past couple years.
The album starts off with the title track "A Night To Remember". This song introduced listeners to the fun dance pop that is consistent through out the album. While at the same time delivering a message about the night you surrendered your life to God, and how you will never be the same.

I was excited to see that the third song on the album "Transformed" features TobyMac! Since Shonlock works with Toby as part of the Diverse City band, I was surprised to see that he wasn't featured on NEVERODDOREVEN. However, Shon brought him in this time for a powerful song talking about 2 Corinthians 5:17, and how being in Christ you are a new creation... you are "Tranformed".

"Kinfolk" was another stand out track on the album for me because it features Solomon Olds, aka Soul Glow Activatur, formerly of Family Force 5. You can definitely hear the influence that Soul Glow has on this track, with the southern crunk rock sound. This song also features some of Shonlock's awesome fast rap! I wish there were more of the rap like that on the rest of the album!

My favorite track on the album would have to be "I Like To Win". This song just has a really fun sound that reminds of something you might hear from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Which I will admit I am a big fan Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' style of music, so I was thrilled to discover this song!! The best part though is towards the end with the marching band drum line solo! I just love that part! 

All in all I thought that this album was pretty good. As a whole, the album wasn't as strong as I hoped it would be. There were a few great songs, but there were also quite a few not so great songs. I think that this album is better than Shonlock's previous release, but it didn't quite live up to my own personal expectations. However, overall I did enjoy the album! 

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