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Satellites & Sirens Interview

Satellites & Sirens released their new album "One Noise" this week. I got a chance to ask the band a few questions about the new album, and how it all got started. Check it out!

How did Satellites & Sirens get started?

We actually met through Craigslist! I met our old drummer Jonathan Dimmel when I posted an ad looking for members and through Jonathan is how I (Geoff) found the rest of the guys. Big Dave went to church with me and was close friends with the bass player we had at the time so that just seemed to make sense, and little Dave grew up with Jonathan in Kansas City.

How did you come up with the name Satellites & Sirens, and what does it mean?

I honestly was just making up the most random words and putting them together and when I said satellites & sirens my friend Jose stopped laughing and said that was a good one! The meaning came later, Satellites ares something that send information out, and sirens are something that get people's attention. That's how we see ourselves as Christians, we have something to say and we need to get people's attention and say it.

How would you describe your bands sound to someone who has never heard your music?

I think electronic, pop with a bit of rock sums us up pretty well. A lot of synth and loops with a band feel and lots of gang vocals!

You guys have a new album coming out March 18th called "One Noise". What can you tell us about this album?

We are very proud of this record, every note played and lyric sung was thought out over time to make sure it was exactly what it needed to be.  We wrote with a lot of people for this record which I think grew us as writers and musicians. This record really shows all of what Satellites & Sirens is. 

 We spent the last couple years playing just as much worship as we did rock sets. Worship has become a passion of this band.  There are some songs on this record that are just flat out worship songs.  So listening thought this record you are going to see and hear the heart of this band.

What was the recording process like for this new album? 

The recording process of this record was the most fun I have had in the studio.  After we chose the songs for the record we tracked drums for all the tunes.  Then after that we came in and focused on a song a day.  

So each day all creativity was around one song and I think that really gave us the opportunity to dive into that song and not feel rushed and just try out everything we could think of to find the best parts possible. After we got the main part of all the songs them we came back and edited and filled in the gaps where needed.  I would love to do our next record this way as well, it was a great experience.

How does "One Noise" compare to your previous albums/EP's?

I think when you hear this record it still feels like S&S, you still hear the 80's influence, you still get those familiar synth sounds and hooks but I think you'll also hear maturity.  I think it takes a lot of what you have heard before from us but focused it a little more. 

The lyrics are more clear and straight forward at moments but still will get you thinking at other points.  I feel like we ended up with something that will make current fans happy and will also be more accessible to more people.

You guys are on the We Won't Be Shaken tour right now with Building 429, Family Force 5 and Hawk Nelson! How is the tour going so far?

We absolutely love all the bands we are out with.  This tour just had an immediate "family" feel to the atmosphere and there has been great turnouts so far!

What is your favorite part of this tour?

It's still early off on the tour but I think one of my fav parts so far is the backstage atmosphere, it's been a lot of laughter and great stories on top of some basketball! It's been a lot of fun so far!

Has anything embarrassing ever happened to you while performing on stage?

Oh man! So many things! Ha! Lubbock Texas we were doing a trash can ending to our set so I was going a bit bonkers and decided to jump up on the drum riser which was a good 4 ft or so off the stage.  Well, I was planing on finishing the song up there until I misstep and fell of the riser onto the stage!  You could hear me laughing over the rest of the song, people are wondering if I was ok but the only thing bruised was my ego! Ha! It's on YouTube so check that out! (You can watch the video HERE)

How does your faith affect your music?

Our faith is the entire reason we make music as S&S. Music is such an amazing tool to spread the fame of who God is and we want nothing more than for people to be able to worship or find hope in their situations through our music.

What is something that you feel God has been trying to show/teach you recently?

I think God has been trying to show me how important finding balance is.  It is really easy for us to find something that in its essence is a "good" thing and a God given desire but how we can still sometimes go too far messing that up.  For an example, when does waiting on God turn to laziness, and when does taking too much action remove our need for faith.  It,s hard to find the line.

Five Random Bonus Questions

1. If you had one day to do ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, what would you do?

I would want to go to Europe and kick around with an English premiere league team!

2. What is your favorite movie?

Goonies! Love that movie, don't make them like that anymore!

3. What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Think before you speak! Can't say I always do that, but when I do it can change the outcome of the situation.

4. Do you have any pets?

I do, I have a dog, her name is Moo and she's adorable!

5. What is the first concert you ever went to?

Little Dave's beats out everyone, it was Satan Bites The Dust Tour, Carmen!!

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