Thursday, March 6, 2014


Today I want to introduce to you a new artist called Kynge. 

"The name Kynge is actually an old English spelling of the more modern name King. My "real name" is Ronald Mills Jr. I think that a person's name says a lot about who they are, and surprisingly a lot of people don't know what their names mean. So, long story short, my name literally means, "wise counselor/ ruler, mighty..." 

So I thought that Kynge naturally fit with who I am as a person. Not so much a "king" to be admired and idolized, but more-so as a servant. When I think of the great kings in the Bible I think of them all as men that had a heart for their people...servants. So that is what I hope people get out of the songs that God gives me. I hope that they are empowered and I hope that the songs spark up a bulldog like faith in Christ." - Kynge

Below is Kynge's new single "Hit The Ground".

You can find Kynge on:

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