Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stryper - Second Coming Album Review

So I have heard a lot about the band Stryper, but prior to this album I had not even listened to their music. Considering that I wasn't even alive during the bands initial run from '83-'92, I am definitely not an expert on their genre of music. However I thought I would review this album with a fresh perspective, without expecting them to sound like they did in the 80's.

Right from the beginning with the song "Loud N' Clear", Stryper takes you back to the 80's (at least what I know of the 80's) with the amazing guitar riffs. Seriously it seems like 80's music has some of the best guitar parts ever. If I was born "back in the day" there is no doubt that I would have been a big fan of Stryper's sound. 

I would say that if you were alive during the 80's era or if you are a fan of 80's music, you will probably really enjoy this album. The songs still have the the energy and power found in a lot of 80's music, but since the songs are re-recorded they seem cleaner and better sound quality.

 As far as the two new songs on the album, I would say that they are pretty consistent with Stryper's sound. The new song "Bleeding From The Inside Out" might have more of a metal feel at first but towards the end there is an incredible guitar solo that will have you raising up your lighters for sure (80's reference).

As a new listener I would say that I really like most of the songs, I love a couple of the songs and then there are a couple of songs that I really don't care for. I am sure most of this is just that different people have different tastes in music. For example I love the powerful guitars and pounding drums, but I don't care for the vocals as much. However I know people who think that Michael Sweet is one of the best vocalists around.

I would say that the album negatives are that it starts sounding very similar and the song blur together. Also lyrically compared to current music a lot of these songs seem quite simple. The lyrics don't seem to be that deep or thought provoking. I'm not saying that the lyrics are bad though, compared to a lot of current mainstream music this album is a lyrical work of art!

All in all I really enjoyed this album, definitely more than I though I would. I am going to making room for this album on iPod! This album isn't for everyone, but personally I was quite impressed. I now understand why I have heard so much about Stryper. I would give this album 4.5 stars musically, but lyrically only 2.5 stars.

* I couldn't resist posting the old pictures, they crack me up!*

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