Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kyle Idleman's "gods at war" Book Review

Bestselling author Kyle Idleman has a new book out titled "gods at war".  For this book review we have a special guest reviewer, so make sure you leave a comment letting her know what you thought of the review. Enjoy!

  "I found this book to be very challenging but in a good way. This book is not a fluff Christian inspirational book. Kyle teaches about the false gods we face in our everyday lives. Like; the god of food, sex, entertainment, success, money and achievement and many more. I was challenged more and more with each chapter.

   Kyle has a way of teaching by using stories and examples from modern day. One example he uses really hit home with me...He tells how God our father wants to give us good things that we will enjoy. Kyle's example is a father who sees a gaming system that he thinks he son will really love. The father brings it home to his son and his son is blown away and so grateful. As time passes the son becomes obsessed with the game and it starts affect his relationship with his father, to the point that the father regrets ever giving it to his son. The sin comes in when we put too much focus on the gift and forget about the giver.

   I really enjoyed Kyle as an author. I loved the funny footnotes at the bottom of pages. Another really cool feature of the book was the use of QR codes that you can scan for more information or to listen to songs that Kyle discusses. It is a really nice way to combine reading a book with modern technology.

   I would highly recommend this book to everyone, but be prepared, you cannot read this book and not be changed!"

- Niki Osterman -

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