Sunday, March 10, 2013

Narrow Path - And Still Album Review

Hailing from Jasper, Indiana is an independent rock band called Narrow Path. Narrow Path is also the church worship band for the Christian Church of Jasper, in Indiana. They have a new album out called "And Still".

Narrow Path has a very interesting and unique sound. They definitely have the rock beats and guitars throughout the album, and along with the lead vocals from Daniel Ross, this album has the rock vibe. However you can still hear the church/worship band influence, along with some southern twang. Daniel's vocals are similar to something you might hear in 80's music, compare able to that of Michael Sweet (Stryper). So Narrow Path has a very diverse sound.

Through out the album there are a lot of great lyrics, which lean to the worship side of things. I really appreciate this aspect of the album. I think that as a Christian band your music should be honoring and glorifying God, so it is nice to have a rock/worship mix. 

I really liked the song "Endure" because it has some amazing guitar riffs that bring the rock! I am sure this band would be a lot of fun in concert, because their energy seems infectious. Plus the songs seem pretty easy to sing along with, which is always a plus. All in all this album isn't perfect, but it is unique and enjoyable to listen to. Give this band a shot, check out their music and help support them.

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Daniel said...

Thanks for the review and the nice words. :)