Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guest Review Of "Not A Fan" By Kyle Idleman

This is the first ever guest review in The Christian Music Junkie blog history, and it is by none other than Mrs. Niki Osterman! I hope you enjoy the review, and please leave your feedback on the review and the book!

-This book challenged me to what it means to be called a Christian. In a very thought provoking way, Kyle Idleman leads you through the differences between being a fan of Christ or being a follower of Christ. Fans know all the stats of Jesus, they can even quote famous words of Jesus. Kyle compares being a fan of Christ, like being a fan of a celebrity. You can know everything about them, but you don't really have a relationship with the person.

I was struck by the direct approach Kyle takes, he uses perspectives that we can all associate with today. He refers to the relationship that Christ wants with us, the way we would look at marriage. In marriage we want our spouse to put us first, and we ask that we are each other one and only love. Kyles approach made things stand out to me in a very clear way. I believe that this book would be a great read for anyone , especially those who are called Christians.

This is the first Christian book that I have read all the way through, that didn't lose my interest part way through. While reading this book I was convicted that I have been living more as a fan than a follower. You can't read this book and stay the same. You will be changed. I know I was. - Niki Osterman

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Justin Morden said...

Wow, great review!!! I like the part where you said that Kyle compares being a "fan of Christ" to being a fan of a celebrity. That's very true. Being a Christian is more than just memorizing bible verses and such. We need to have a personal relationship with the Lord and be, as you said, a follower, not just a fan. Again, great review, and very well written!