Sunday, June 17, 2012

Building 429 - Listen To The Sound Album Review

As I had mentioned in my review of Crave by For King & Country, I am going to be reviewing a few CD's by bands that are going to be at Lifest this year. This gives me a chance to do some reviews I missed when the albums came out. So today I am reviewing "Listen To The Sound" by Building 429.

The album starts off with the electrifying and anthem sounding "Made For You". I know that I say I love the beat of a lot of songs , but this song seriously does have an awesome beat! This track would probably be my favorite on the album. The next song "Right Beside You" is a very encouraging song, featuring Dawn of Fireflight. Okay so I will admit I'm not a huge Fireflight fan, but Dawn's vocals along with Jason's are amazing.

Sticking with the uplifting message comes the next song "One Foot". This song talks about how you may not always know where something is going to take you, and you may be scared, just take it one step at a time. Next is the self-titled song "Listen To The Sound". Since this song is the title track, it is quite popular. Although this song is not my favorite song on the album, it is in no way bad. I have just heard it a lot and I tend to get a little bored of it. The next song on the album is "War Zone". This song is a little slower and mellow, which helps to convey the message of surrendering yourself to God.

Another one of my favorites on the album is next, it is called "Where I Belong". This song has a great sound but mostly an amazing message, that talks about how this world is not where we belong. This a truly a very powerful song. The next song on the album is "You Save Me". This song,like every other song on the album is fun and uplifting. I really can appreciate the vocals on this song, they are very unique and for some reason I enjoy the vocals the most on this song.The next song "Walls Are Coming Down" is a bit slower musically, however lyrically it is bold talking about not letting your fear collide with your faith. This song reminds me of Romans 8:31 "What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?".

I am not trying to discredit the music on this album because it is all very good, I just love the lyrics so I talk about them a lot. Like the next song "Love Has Spoken" has great lyrics, particularly in part of the chorus which says "Fearfully and wonderfully made / Don't you know that / You and I were not a mistake / Oh, if only you could see / His arms are wide open". Finishing out the album is the song "Awaken Us", This song is good, but compared to some of the others on the album, this one doesn't stand out a lot, at least not to me.

This album had a ton of great lyrics and I love when an album is challenging and encouraging, and that is exactly what this album was. My only real complaint is that listening to the entire album front to back, the songs tend to blur together quite a bit. However I still loved the album and I would recommend it! I give this album 4 stars out of 5.

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