Saturday, June 9, 2012

For King & Country - Crave Review

There is this really cool Christian music festival in Wisconsin called Lifest. I have been there once before, and I have the the privilege to go again this year! I am excited to see some of the bands I love, and I am also excited to discover new bands! So as part of my research before the festival, I am going to be review a few CDs, and maybe even DVDs and books by artists that are going to be at the festival. So to kick things off is my review of "Crave" by For King & Country.

The album starts off with the song "Light It Up". This song starts off a little slower but it builds up to a fun and encouraging chorus. I really enjoyed how catchy this song is and has a great sound. One of my favorite songs is next, it is called "Proof Of Your Love". I absolutely love the vocals on this song! Throughout the entire album the vocals are great, but I especially love them on this song. This song is on repeat on my iPod! The next song on the album is "Missing". Haha reading back through that it sounds kinda funny "The next song is missing". Anyway moving first hearing the beginning of this song I thought it was okay.....but not that great. Then the song grew on me as it progressed, and I actually love it now!

I heard the next song "Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)" in concert and not knowing the song I loved it from the beginning. Now whenever I hear the song it brings back concert memories! Which if you get a chance to see For King & Country in concert you should take it because they are really good in concert. The next song on the album is "People Change". This song is a little slower and as the name suggests this song talks about how people change and can become better. Bringing more energy is the next song "Middle Of Your Heart". This song is upbeat and enjoyable to listen to. The lyrics talk about giving God control of your heart and not having to worry.

Slowing down a bit is the next song "Love's To Blame". This song has a beautiful sound with the vocals and piano. It is actually a nice change to go from a fun song to one more mellow with was a wise choice. The next song "Fine Fine Life" is a fun song, with its catchy chorus and pleasant sound. I actually really love this song, it happens to be my favorite on the album. This song just makes you happy and reminds you that it is indeed a fine fine life.

Coming up next in the song "Sane". This song is a bit more mellow than the previous song, but I still has quite a bit of energy. To me this song isn't a stand out track, but still an enjoyable listen. I love the name of the next song "Pushing On A Pull Door". The lyrics of this song are really really good as well. They talk about how only when everything falls apart will you find what you need. I love a song with great analogies and that is why I love this song. Finishing out the album is the title track "Crave". Although it is a little odd to end with the title track, this song ends the album in a nice and mellow way.

I have heard a lot of good things about this album and so I had high expectations coming into it. The music and vocals didn't disappoint with a consistently great sound and even better vocals. however the lyrics did disappoint slightly, I was just hoping for more song with a deep meaning but all in all the album was good and I would give the album 4 stars.

1. Light It Up
2. The Proof Of Your Love
3. Missing
4. Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)
5. People Change
6. Middle Of Your Heart
7. Love's To Blame
8. Fine Fine Life
9. Sane
10. Pushing On A Pull Door
11. Crave

For more info on Lifest you can go here!

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