Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Are Leo - Hello Review

We Are Leo released a brand new album today, titled "Hello". I have been anticipating the release of this album ever since I watched "We Are Leo" perform live.

We Are Leo has a very current sound that I think people will love. They also have a great message, the lead singer David said "What we are aspiring to do is write and sing songs that will express a real sense of God's love to young hearts and minds… songs that will become anthems of faith, hope and new life. I want to make music that grabs people’s attention; that is relevant to them musically and spiritually." The EP "Hello" starts off with the energetic pop/rock song "Supernova Sunrise". This catchy song gives you just a little taste of what you will hear on "Hello". The second song "Heartbeats" has more of an Electronic sound that I absolutely love. There is also some female vocals on this song that just add to the already great sound. This is one of my favorite songs on the EP, mostly because of the sound but it also has good lyrics. The third song "Oxygen" has more of a rock/pop sound. This song also has very encouraging lyrics basically saying don't give up, God has got your back and he will be your Oxygen. The fourth song "Seventeen" is a little bit slower song but very encouraging, reminding you that you can have a fresh start.

The fifth song "Colors" is an encouraging song, but it is even more than that, the one line that I really like is "You are exactly what I needed". The sixth song, which is also the radio single, "Live For Love" has a very fun sound. This song would be another one of my favorites from "Hello". The seventh song "Remember You" is an track with out lyrics just some slower music. I am not exactly sure why this is on the album but when I find out I will let you know. Last but not least the eighth song is "I'm For You" this song is another one of my favorites. I haven't heard it that much but yet it is already stuck in my head! It is an encouraging song saying that God will be with you and take care of you no matter what. I would give this EP a 5/5 stars, it is just that good. We Are Leo is definitely a band you are going to want to keep your eyes on. I would recommend "Hello" to fans of Owl City, Tenth Avenue North, The Afters or pretty much anyone that like Pop/Rock/Electronic music.

              Track List

               1. Supernova Sunrise
    2. Heartbeats
3. Oxygen
    4. Seventeen
5. Colors 
           6. Live For Love
             7. Remember You
                                                                          8. I'm For You

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