Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Drummer Of Hawk Nelson Singing?

Yes you read that right. I was able to see Hawk Nelson live last weekend along with some other bands like KJ-52 and Beckah Shae. Me and my mom went to Irie Fest, it was suppose to be at the fairgrounds but then it got rained out, so last minute after the festival heard already started they had to move the event to a near by church. Now some people got upset, but to me I was just stoked that they didn't cancel it. Anyway....I'm getting off topic. Due to the storm Hawk Nelson along with a couple other bands had to play an acoustic set. Now I am a sucker for a good acoustic set, I love them they are so much more personal and just more unique. Well unique is exactly how I would describe Hawk Nelson's set. This video is of Justin (the drummer of HN) singing "California" while Jason (the lead singer) is playing the drums and doing the guitar with his voice. It is absolutely hilarious and I might I say Hawk Nelson is a group of multi talented guys. Check it out!

Awesome video, right? I love the fact that they made the best of their situation. So although some people were upset that the concert had to be moved, it was for the better because I highly doubt Justin would have sang if they show would have went according to plans. So just remember if you feel like you are at your lowest and everything that can go wrong has went wrong, it can only go up from there.

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