Friday, August 5, 2011

Shonlock - Never Odd Or Even Review

Shonlock released a new album on called Never Odd Or Even. Cool random fact I noticed when I got the album is that Never Odd Or Even backwards is still Never Odd Or Even.

I love the style of music on this album it has a Rap/Hip Hop style. The only bad bad part about a Rap/Hip Hop album like this is all the songs are good but they all kinda sound the same, so to listen to the whole album all the way through isn't as good. The album starts off with the catchy song "Something In Your Eyes". I love the beat in this song it also has a techno sound that sounds alot like the music you would hear on mainstream radio. The second song on the album is "Could U Be" this song is a little slower but still has a good sound. The third song is "Hello" and I love the sound of this one. It reminds me of something you would here TobyMac sing, which makes sense because Shonlock is part of the Diverse City Band. The fourth song is "Simple Man" and I absolutely love the sound of this song, it is probably one of my favorites. It has a good beat and I love how fast the rapping is! The fifth song is "Bet Ya House" and I also love this song. It is very upbeat and it has a part when a group of girls sing/cheer and clap, it sounds really cool. This song would be awesome in concert!

The sixth song is "Set It Off" this song is upbeat like most of the other songs on this album but it just isn't quite as good in my opinion. The seventh song is "You Act Like" and this song is a slower song. The slower song is good though because it helps to make more of a variety of sounds on the album so I like the slower songs. The Eighth song is "Cheers" and this is another slower song but it has a good sound with good lyrics. The Ninth song is "Scarred" is a little bit slower but it is more upbeat than the two songs before it, so it is kinda a medium song. I didn't like the sound of this song as much because it repeats the chorus alot, but it has good lyrics. The tenth song is "Monsta" and this one has a cool sound with good lyrics. The thing I loved the most about this song is how is seemed to keep building up to the chorus, I love when songs do that. The eleventh song is "Q2GO" and this song has a good sound. I love the name Q2GO because in the lyrics of this song they sing "I'm waiting on my Cue To Go" (aka Q2GO). The twelfth song is "Get Free" and it is a medium song. (haha that is my new way to explain the song) This song is more Rap than Hip Hop and like most Rap songs the lyrics are really good. The last self-titled song on the album is "Never Odd Or Even" I like the beat in this song. The sound of this song is okay but I love the lyrics. All in all "Never Odd Or Even" is a great album that I would recommend to fans of TobyMac and Lecrae. I would give this album a 4/5 stars.

Track List
   1. Something In Your Eyes
   2. Could U Be
   3. Hello
   4. Simple Man
   5. Bet Ya House
   6. Set It Off
   7. You Act Like
   8. Cheers
   9. Scarred
   11. Q2GO
   12. Get Free
   13. Never Odd Or Even

I received this album free to review but all opinions are 100% mine.

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Justin Morden said...

Cool review (Not sure how I missed it when it was posted)! Makes me really want to listen to it. I heard the single "Something in your eyes" and it was great! I love that awesome fact you pointed out how the album title is the same backwards! I never noticed that, but it's totally cool!