Friday, January 9, 2015

Sarah Brusco - The Woven Whisper Album Review

  Sarah Brusco is a wife, a mother and a worship leader from Augusta, Georgia. She just recently released a brand new worship album titled The Woven Whisper.

  Sarah has a really powerful story of redemption and healing. When she was pregnant with her son she developed a tumor that really messed with her body and one of the results was that her vocal chords were hardened. Sarah was told that she would probably never be able to sing again. However, through the power of God and his healing, 3 years later she was able to lead worship at their church in Augusta.

  Through Sarah's experience I feel like it gave her a new appreciation for being able to sing and worship God. So in her songs when she sings about how awesome and wonderful God is, you can really sense her passion and that she truly believes it. I really appreciate that!

  Although there are some songs on the album that are more descriptive of God and His powerful presence, overall there aren't a whole lot of lyrics through out the album. It is mainly more soft music that would do great to accompany quiet time with God, to really take you into that deep and powerful worship. I feel like you have to have the right mindset of worship while listening to this album, to fully appreciate everything it has to offer!

  Make Your Home Inside My Heart would have to be my favorite song on the album. This is something that I feel God has been laying on my heart recently, to remember that He is living in my heart. Now I know that sounds like something you'd hear at Sunday school as a kid, but it has been becoming more real to me recently. When I feel overwhelmed or stressed out, or like no one cares, or knows what I am going through, God is always there to bring peace and to comfort me.

  All in all I enjoyed this album. It's not something you'd run to when you feel like having a fun dance party, but when it comes to being real and getting serious with God, this is what I would reach for. If you are looking for some good, honest and powerful worship music then I recommend that you check out "The Woven Whisper".

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