Friday, January 23, 2015

Four Star Revival - Knights of the Revival Review

  Four Star Revival is a Christian Hard Rock/Metal band hailing from Dayton, OH. They recently released their debut album Knights of the Revival and I had to chance to listen to it and share my opinion with you in this review.

  Right from the start I was drawn in by the hard rock sound. I am a sucker for anything with a bit of a metal backbone, and Four Star Revival definitely delivered what I was looking for. With a sound similar to that of an 80's metal band, Four Star Revival delivered something unique with this album that you don't hear a lot of today.

  The band is made up four veteran musicians; Jack Emrick (vocals), Benny Bodine (guitar), Ed Girard (bass) and Eddie Ling (drums). From listening to the album you can tell that these musicians have experience, because they are very some very talented musicians!

  The highlight of the album for me, would have to be the song Red. The song has a very solid sound with a lot of energy. However, my favorite part would have to be towards the end when Four Star Revival breaks out some killer guitar solos. This song is definitely my favorite track on the album.

  Lyrically, you can hear that Four Star Revival is a Christian band from the messages they share. I do wish that the songs told a bit more of a story, so that they would be easier for listeners to relate to. However, I understand that part of that comes with the territory of playing hard rock/metal music.

  All in all I thought Knights of the Revival was a good album. There were quite a few solid tracks on the album and a couple that were a little weaker. Overall though this was a great effort from Four Star Revival, and a good debut album.

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