Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Loftland - I Don't Want To Dance Album Review

Today newly signed DREAM records artist Loftland, released their debut album! I was able to preview this album, and give you my opinion in the review below.

The album starts off with the song catchy song "Can't Get Enough". Right from the start this song introduces you to Loftland's fun pop/rock/dance sound! This song has a very fun vibe that musically reminded me of TobyMac's Diverse City band for some reason... although I can't quite figure out what exactly it is that reminds of them.

The album title "I Don't Want To Dance" is very misleading, since almost every track on this album has a beat that makes you want to dance. These songs will quickly have you tapping your foot or bobbing your head along with the beat!

My personal favorite song on the album is probably "Lovesick". The song is very catchy, after listening to it once or twice it will be stuck in your head all day, or perhaps even all week! With an energetic dance beat and electronic sounds throughout the whole song, this song definitely makes you want to get up and dance.
Lyrically this album isn't as strong as I wish it was. There are a couple of songs that I like the lyrics content, like on the song "How You Love Me". However, if you are looking for some deep and profound lyrics that make you think, then I suggest looking somewhere else. This album is more of a fun life is good album, than a spiritually challenging one.

"I Don't Want To Dance" is a really fun album that just makes you want to get up and dance. Since receiving this album I have listened to it all the way through probably 6 times! No joke! It's a great album to have playing while your are cleaning or driving... it adds a little joy to your regular mundane tasks. Although beware... if you listen to this album while your cleaning your broom might just turn into a guitar and your hairbrush might be transformed into a microphone! haha ;)

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this album. Rarely do I find a "pop" album that I like, so I was quite pleased to come across this one. The album isn't perfect, and could use some more unique touches... however, I think that it is a pretty strong debut album! I can't wait to hear more from Loftland in the future!

I would recommend this album to fans of  Capital Lights, Press Play, or pretty much any dance/pop band.

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