Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elliott Powell - Songs of Ascent Review

I was recently able to interview Christian musician and Presbyterian pastor, Elliott Powell. You can read my interview HERE. Elliott also just released a new worship EP yesterday. I was able to preview this EP and my opinions are below.

The EP starts off with the song "Brighter". This song draws you in right from the beginning with an upbeat and joyful sound. As the name suggests, Brighter talks about how God is light, and how in the light always overcomes the darkness. It is a very encouraging song with a message of hope for listeners.

The next song "Majesty (Song of Heaven)" is probably my personal favorite song on the EP. The song has a fun sound with a consistent beat that makes you wanna tap your foot or even clap along. I think that this song would be great to hear live, I think the atmosphere it would create would be fantastic! I could definitely see this song being played in churches across the country, I am even going to suggest it to my worship leader!

"You Gave" is the last song on "Songs of Ascent". This song is probably the most mellow song on the EP, yet it still has a good beat and rhythm that you can tap your foot along with. You Gave is also very catchy and easy to sing a long with, which is always a plus!

"You gave new life to me, risen and resurrected Lord 
Showed me how life will be forgiven and forever yours" 

From the song "You Gave".

All in all I really enjoyed this EP. For me it was the perfect length, because I felt like I got a lot from it, yet it left me wanting more. I really enjoyed the sound of "Songs of Ascent". The song writing and lyrical content was also really good. The songs reminded me of something I would have sang at camp, or maybe some old songs by Delirious? or Newsboys. Although this EP is not perfect, it is pretty solid. I would definitely recommend it!

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