Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lightfall Interview

I have the pleasure of introducing you readers to a fantastic worship band called Lightfall. I was able to ask them a few questions about how they got started, and a few questions just for fun. You can learn more about the band in the interview below, and also make sure you check out their music here.

How did Lightfall get started?

Honestly, it started as a vision shared to the rest us of by our guitarist, Ryan. He felt that God was calling him to something much greater than what he was already a part of, so he was diligent to find all of us, whether it was be coincidence (by God's doing, that is), or through old friendships. And for the rest of us, we were all searching for something deeper in our walks with God, so He used Ryan in this plan that's so much bigger than we've ever dreamed. We've all experienced a taste of what true ministry is, and we all love music so it's so fitting to what we are currently pursuing. 

What is the story behind the band name?

We were racking our brains for a few weeks trying so hard to think of a name for ourselves. We sifted through various possibilities, but couldn't find something that truly defined us. After one of our rehearsals. Mark, (drums) was just playing something on the guitar, as we sat and thought about it. Marquis, (bass) muttered the name "Lightfall", and it just clicked. With everything we had all been dealing with in the past year, I felt like it was God's way of saying "I'm here".  We love the fact that it's such an open-ended name, up for interpretation

What would you say is the main message that you are trying to convey to listeners through your music?

That Jesus is our King, and that you don't have to be in a church to meet him. We are just 5 guys trying to show God's love to people everywhere. We don't try to see ourselves as a band but as part of the congregation as well. We want people to encounter and engage with God in their own way.

How would you describe the bands sound musically, and what are some of your influences?

We are currently defining our sound through our writing process. We take much of contemporary worship, which has a lot of rock influence, and add twists and turns to it. Sometimes it's a bit heavier, sometimes it's more ethereal, other times it straight acoustic, but it's always pointing towards and glorifying God. We're really trying to incorporate technology into our sound; loops, pads, triggers. United's recent album "ZION" has been a huge inspiration to us, to see what worship music can be, and how it can be difficult to define or contain within one specific genre. Bands like the Royal Royal, Parachute, Elevation on the worship side and Imagine Dragons, M83, Daftpunk  you name it, one of us likes it.

If you had one day to do ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, what would you do?

Marquis - Eat at an all you can eat Sushi Bar...In Japan

Mark - Eat Jiro Sushi with my soon-to-be wife!

Nate - I've always wanted to go to Australia. I'd probably go out there and explore that beautiful continent.

Renz - Drifting in Tokyo. Japan in general is a must-go-to place.

Ryan – Play at a Passion Conference with these 4 guys

What is something that God has been trying to show and/or teach you recently?

Marquis - That people everywhere need God. Not only in Africa, or only in China, but right outside of our front doors. In the workplace, the grocery Store. People need Jesus.

Mark - He's been opening my eyes to what it means to be like Jesus. He's showing me how to love properly and withhold judgment, and how to introduce Jesus to people at their own level as opposed to expecting people change prior to meeting Him. Jesus came down so that He could make us righteous; he doesn't expect us to clean up before coming to Him. It's incredible how beautiful life can be when you let Jesus do all the work...the saving, the redeeming, and yes, even the judging. 

Nathan - To have my own personality in the church. That everyone goes their own ways and there is no wrong way of loving God. We are all different.

Renz - Patience. Last year, a big one for me was "surrender". After learning how to give up what I have to praise him on a DAILY basis, it surely follows that I am to be patient to his plan. Too many times, we get hasty with our lives, and consequently we leave no room for God to do what he can in AND through us.

Ryan - Mine is really a blend of what all the guys are saying, but I would add trusting in him and knowing that His grace is all I need.

If you had to pick one bible verse to be the band's motto what would it be?

Psalm 150: 4-6. Praise him with timbre and dancing, Praise him with strings and pipes, praise him with the crash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals, let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.

Five Random Bonus Questions:

1. Have you ever broken any bones, if you have how did you break them?

Marquis – No

Mark - nose - rugby, wrist – snowboarding

Nate - Even with all the sports I've played growing up, I have yet to break a bone. I think I sprained my ankle badly when I was 14 playing street football with some friends. That's about as far as it goes for me.

Renz - I broke my toe once. I was at a surprise party and my plan was to tackle the celebrant as he was coming down the stairs. I miscalculated my attack, and bashed my foot into the staircase. I never tackled him...

Ryan – Ankle while skateboarding

2. If you could be any character from a movie, who would you be and why?

Marquis - Denzel Washington, in: EVERY MOVIE HE HAS DONE.

Mark - I used to hate batman, until I watched the Justice League cartoons. Bruce Wayne is a Scientific Ninja!

Nate - That's a tough one. I'd say Hugh Jackman in The Prestige because he has unreal magician skills.

Renz - I've always loved cartoons. Especially heroes. I know this might not count since it was a tv show before a movie, but I would love to be the Avatar, as in the water/fire/earth/air bender, not the 12 foot blue creature. I think manipulating the elements in your hands would be awesome!

Ryan - Mark stole mine, so I guess that makes me … Robin??

3. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?

Marquis - My Boss

Mark - My Fiancee's bridesmaid

Nate - I believe it was my mother.

Renz - My mother.

Ryan - A telemarketer

4. What is your favorite ice cream topping?

Marquis - Everything and Anything Peanut buttery

Mark - Skor bits

Nate - Reese's pieces or oreo bits. Or both.

Renz - Peanut butter cups. 

Ryan - Aero

5. What is something that most people don't know about you?

Marquis - When I was 5 I had a pet chicken, that I later ate without my knowledge.

Mark - I wish I had a pet chicken I could eat later

Nate - A lot of people have no idea that I'm french. I have an anglophone first and last name, I have no accent, and show no signs really of being francophone. 

Renz - I'm terrified of the ocean, not because I can't swim (which most people do know), but because it's a whole different world down there. Creatures of the deep scare me.

Ryan – It takes me hours to make decisions that have no impact on my life, such as what to eat for dinner.

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