Friday, May 3, 2013

ChristCORE Documentary

A new documentary called ChristCORE is going to be shown through out Canada starting tomorrow. ChristCORE gives you a behind the scenes and in depth look at mix between Christianity and hardcore punk music. Below is a little bit more about the documentary from the films press release, as well as teaser video.

"Films We Like invites you to explore the seemingly contradictory cross between Christianity and hardcore punk music. This documentary offers a fascinating new look at evangelical Christian culture in North America. Justin Ludwig’s ChristCORE opens on May 4, 2013 at The Royal Cinema.

ChristCORE is an inside look at the explosive subculture of Christian hardcore music that is surging across North America. Canadian filmmaker and atheist punk rocker Justin Ludwig goes on tour with two 
evangelical hardcore bands — driven newcomers Messengers and Christcore superstars Sleeping Giant — culminating in the important Cornerstone Christian Music Festival. The tribulations of touring combine with the trials of preaching from the stage for these talented musicians and devoted evangelical Christians."

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