Monday, May 6, 2013

Faith Holt - Move Album Review

On April 9th pop/rock musician Faith Holt released her first full length album titled "Move".

This album drew me in right from the beginning with the guitar on the first song "Time Bomb". This song showcases the edgier side of the album. Although this album is a rock album, it is more of a laid back acoustic type pop/rock. To be honest at first I was a little disappointed that the album wasn't a harder rock album. However after continuing to listen, I quickly changed my mind. The more I listened the more I was captivated by the albums sound and message.

Faith has a very nice voice that is in the perfect range for female vocalists, in my opinion at least. The vocals and music match up very well and it is enjoyable album to listen to. The song writing also really showcases some talent! There are a lot of great lyrics found in just this one album. My favorite line is from the song "Live", where Faith says "A lot of people effect one, but one can change many too".

"Move" has a raw and honest sound that listeners can really connect with. I feel that a good musician should not only be able to connect with the listeners through their music, but they should also be able to make the listener feel what they (the band) are feeling with the lyrics. With this album I was able to really connect with the music, and also feel what the songs were saying. That is a huge plus for me on this album.

All in all this album isn't perfect but it is really good, in my opinion. "Move" drew me in from the beginning, and then I was just a long for the ride. This album is going to continue to be on my iTunes play list for a while! I would recommend this album, and I am looking forward to hearing more from Faith Holt in the future! I would give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

Recommended for fans of: Barlow Girl

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