Monday, May 7, 2012

Kyle Leaving Anthem Lights?

Today as I got on Twitter I was informed of some sad news.....Anthem Lights posted on their Facebook and Twitter pages that Kyle Kupecky feels like God is calling him in another direction, so he is going to be leaving the band. What Anthem Lights posted on Facebook is below.

"It has been a blessing to have Kyle as a part of this ministry. However, he feels God calling him to other things. We love him and wish him God's best.
-Alan, Caleb, and Chad"

I do not know if Anthem Lights will now only have 3 singers, or if they will be adding a new member to the band. I will keep you guys updated on any new developments or changes.

Anthem Lights just posted this on twitter: "Thank you all for your encouragement! Excited to introduce you to the newest member of Anthem Lights later this week! Stay tuned! -the guys".

I am excited and curious of who it could be! I will continue to update! :)


Anonymous said...

Joey, Came from our church. He is amazing

Courtney Osterman said...

Really? That is awesome!