Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anthem Lights - Anthem Lights Album Review

Anthem Lights released their self titled album "Anthem Lights" on May 10th of last year! I am quite late reviewing it, but you know what they say "Better Late Than Never".

The album starts off with the popular Anthem Lights song "Can't Shut Up". This song introduces listeners to the four voices that make up Anthem Lights, and although each of the guys sounds good by themselves, they sound the best when they sing with each other. "Can't Shut Up" has infectious energy and a great beat, which makes it a hit in concert! The next song "I Wanna Know You Like That" is one of my favorite songs on the album, mainly because of the lyrics. The chorus of the song which is about crying out to God, says "I wanna know You like / To live to love / With everything I am, To give it all / I wanna know You like that / To become, a man after Your heart / and not look back / I wanna know You like that".

Starting off a little slower is the next song "Circles". This song has a nice sound with all the vocals fitting together perfectly and or course a nice beat. The message of the song is best summed up at the beginning of the chorus when it says "Before I even know it, I'm right back at the start / Doing what I what and breaking my own heart". Staying with more of a mellow worship sound is the next song "I Can't Get Over You". This song song has a great sound, and is an amazing worship song. When Anthem Lights plays this song in a concert, it is truly amazing all the fans who were just jumping up and down to "Can't Shut Up" will all be standing there with their hands raised praising God.

The next song on the album is "Stranger". This song more upbeat and fun than the two previous songs but it is still a very powerful worship song. This song talks about how as Christians we are called to be strangers to this world. The next song "Outta My Mind" is tied for my favorite song on the album. This song is upbeat and fun with a chorus that is easy to sing along with, which makes this song a blast in concert! Once again the message is also very good, challenging listeners to draw closer to God. "Lifeline" is the next song on the album. With a catchy pop / rock sound this song is another fun song in concert! The lyrics talk about how God is our lifeline when realize that we can't save ourselves. Starting off more calm with just piano is the next song "Lighthouse". This song slowly builds up to the chorus which is calling listeners to be the light of the world, by saying "It's up to you, It's up to me / To be the lighthouse / They should know they're not alone".

The next song "Freedom Into Slavery" is the other song tied for my favorite song on the album. Starting off with some cool whistling that is somehow catchy...I have caught myself whistling it quite a few times!  This song also has great vocals and just a nice sound. However the lyrics are the best part of this song, if I could quote them all and keep the review a reasonable length I would! This song is basically saying that sometimes knowing that God will forgive what you do, enables you to sin and not feel so bad, because you know He will forgive you anyway, hence the title "Freedom Into Slavery". With the album coming to and end, is the last song on the album is "Where The Light Is". With this song being slower, it helps to make the the message even more powerful. This song is very encouraging saying that no matter how bad everything seems, there won't be any darkness where the light is. This is a hopeful, but challenging way to end the album.

With this being the bands first album as Anthem Lights, it is surprising very professional. I honestly don't know how they will get better, but I am excited to see them try! This album has a great modern sound and the lyrics are incredible! I would recommend this album to anyone who needs encouragement or anyone who likes music with a powerful message. I would give this album 4.5 stars, that way there is a little wiggle room.

1. Can't Shut Up
2. I Wanna Know You Like That
3. Circles
4. Can't Get Over You
5. Stranger
6. Outta My Mind
7. Lifeline
8. Lighthouse
9. Freedom Into Slavery
10. Where The Light Is

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Cathy said...

I love this album. My favorite song is 'Can't get over You'...such beautiful lyrics!
Can't wait till they put out a new album. :)