Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ilia - We Were Shipwrecks EP Review

It was suggested to me by a reader that I should review something by Ilia, so here it is! Below is the review for their EP "We Were Shipwrecks".

The EP starts off with the rock song "Ezekiel". This song introduces listeners to more of a hard rock sound that they will hear throughout the entire album. You also get just a taste of the great female vocals on this EP. The next song is the self titled track "We Were Shipwrecks". This has some sweet guitars and strong vocals, but the drums are my favorite part! I just love the beat in this song! Along with a great sound this song also has really good lyrics. My favorite line of the song is "We were shipwrecks drowning by the tide, But a voice revived us saving our lives".

The next song on the EP is "Reaching". This song is probably my favorite song on the album, mainly because of the message and the chorus! I really enjoyed listening to the entire song, a kind of song you can listen to again and again. I appreciated how the lyrics seemed very honest and raw. Once again I really enjoyed the beat of the next song "Fall On Us". This song wasn't my favorite on the EP, although it definitely wasn't bad, it just seemed to be quite repetitive. Finishing out the EP is the song "We Will Rise". This song is a little slower and although I normally like the more upbeat songs, I really, really enjoyed it. There are also two bonus acoustic versions of the songs "Reaching" and "We Were Shipwrecks" on the EP. I actually really enjoyed the acoustic versions of the songs, maybe even better than the original version! It was a nice bonus to the EP!

I was a little surprised by this EP. Looking at the cover I thought it was going to be reviewing a very hard rock album or even a metal sounding EP. However once again I learned not to judge a book by it's cover or in this case an album by its cover. Although this EP did have quite a few hard rock elements, that wasn't all there was to offer. "We Were Shipwrecks" also had a softer side that is equally impressive as the rock side. This EP was very good it isn't perfect, but it is still a great one to pick up and listen to. I would give this EP 4 stars but keep an eye on Ilia because there is a lot of potential there!

1. Ezekiel
2. We Were Shipwrecks
3. Reaching
4. Fall On Us
5. We Will Rise
6. Reaching (Live Acoustic Version)
7. We Were Shipwrecks (Live Acoustic Version)

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