Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something To Think About

Today I was listening to Family Life Radio and I believe it was Chuck Swindoll talking. I only caught part of it but during what I heard he was talking about creation. Like I said I only caught part of it so I am going to change it to what I heard. Okay now picture this, it is a beautiful day, you are standing outside in the shine shine admiring a beautiful and shiny new car. Let's just say it was my dream car a mini cooper.

Then I come up and ask you if you know where this car came from, not just from the factory but where it really came from. After a little processing you would probably say that someone created it. Someone came up with the idea, the design and then they created it. Then lets say I tell you that isn't true, that's just what people believe to be true. The real answer is that centuries ago different metals happened to come together to form bolts, and nuts. Then a bunch of thread just happened to grow together and form the seats. Then some rubber came up out of the ground and attached itself together forming a circle. Which after years and years later attached itself to metal and pumped itself up with air, forming the tire. Then eventually after even more years and years, it all evolved into a car. Then a couple walking through the woods comes across this thing that has evolved and they decide to call it an automobile.

Now if I told that's how automobiles came to be, you would probably think I was crazy. You would probably try to get away from me, thinking I was a lunatic! You know that automobiles were designed and created by a human, and they didn't just evolve over time. Now let's say we apply that same theory to God and creation. We didn't just happen, we didn't evolve over time, we weren't an accident. We were created by the one true God. Just something to think about.

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