Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thicker Than Water

This spring I went to a concert and saw this band, Thicker Than Water. They put on a really great and energetic show (You can read the concert review here). Plus they are from Michigan!!!!! (If you couldn't tell I am from Michigan as well.) Anyway they released a brand new album titled "Proclaim" in September.

 The album is ten tracks filled with great music and an even greater message. Now get can get their album for only $5.00. That is insane right? Ten songs for five bucks!!! Still not convinced, Eh? (That is my Canadian accent by the way). Well check out this song and then see if your convinced!

Well.....what did I say....good right? If you liked it then make sure you pick up their new album you can order the real deal "Physical" CD here, or you can buy the album on iTunes. The choice is yours! Also make sure you "Like" these guys on Facebook!

P.S. This would make a great Christmas gift! that too soon, sorry! It is coming! :D

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