Monday, October 10, 2011

The Rock And Worship Roadshow Fall Tour

I have some great news! The Rock and Worship Roadshow is coming east this fall! Wait there is even more great news, it is only $10 per person or $20 for 2 people or $30 for 3 get the idea! ;)

The Rock & Worship Roadshow will be featuring Mercy Me --->

           <---   Jars Of Clay

                                                                       Matt Maher  --->


 <---Hawk Nelson

 Also featuring: Group 1 Crew, Disciple and Trip Lee

Look at that line up...something for everyone. The best part is that it is only $10 at the door, no tickets required. If you want early entry, prime seating, a VIP tour laminate, and a RWRS tour shirt then I would advise you to get some VIP tickets here. When you buy the VIP tickets it helps to support the tour so that they can keep having awesome bands come and yet still keep the price down, so make sure you check that out. For a full list of tour dates and times check out the official Rock and Worship Roadshow website.

Also Disciple and Trip Lee won't be able to make it to a few of the shows but don't worry the RWRS has you covered, they are going to have other bands fill in! To get more info on that check out the RWRS Facebook page.

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