Monday, October 10, 2011

The Music With A Mission Tour Review

I was able to attend the Music With A Mission Tour a few days ago. I was very excited about the line up which featured Hawk Nelson, Fireflight, Superchick, MIKESCHAIR, Manafest, Hyland, Kiros and Samestate.

The first band that played was Samestate. I thought that they were definitely the perfect band to get the show started. They had a very good sound and they did good as far as performing on stage. In alot of ways the first band that plays sets the tone for the rest of the show and I thought that Samestate set an excellent tone. The second band in the line up was a Canadian band called Kiros. They had more of a energetic sound that would appeal to a younger crowd. They had a pretty good show I liked the sound of their music, but the stage presence wasn't as good. They were energetic and dancing around and that is awesome the only thing is that they seemed to all be trying to out do each other. There was just a little too much going on. Kiros also said that the tour had been changed from "Music With A Mission Tour" to "Music With A Mustache Tour". It was funny and there were alot of bands sporting mustaches.

 The next band that played (which surprised me a little) was Manafest. Manafest was the only rapper on the tour so in a way he was the odd one out, but he did a great job. He had a very energetic show, filled with songs that I love like "Fire In The Kitchen", "Avalanche" and then a little bit slower song but one of my favorites, "Everytime You Run". The only thing that I didn't like as much about Manafest show was that in certain songs like "Everytime You Run" for example, he would have back singing playing even though there were no back up singers. It is understandable but still that is one thing that I noticed. Also Jonathan from Hawk Nelson, was playing guitar for Manafest which I thought was very cool. The next band to play (which surprised me even more) was Superchick. I was most excited to see Superchick, and they didn't disappoint as far as the show. They put on a great show that was energetic and plus I knew all the songs! Superchick was also sporting the coolest outfits. The only sad part was that Matt (one of the guitar players/singers) wasn't at the show. Since this was the second to the last show on the tour, they bands started pranking each other. So during one of Superchick's songs a bunch of the other bands came running out and dancing, it was hilarious. 

Towards the end of Superchick's set they played two of Tricia's (the lead singer) songs off of her new worship album. It was very cool to see Superchick go from dancing and singing "Rock What You Got" to playing amazing worship. The next band that played was Hyland. I was also looking forward to watching them play, since I like their music. I would say that Hyland had the best sound of the night. Alot of times when you go to concerts the bands don't sound like the CD, but Hyland did. They put on a very good show, probably even my favorite of the night. They were energetic at times and worshiping at times and it just seemed to be a perfect balance. The next band that played was MIKESCHAIR. I was really surprised by how many of their songs I knew. I had heard almost all of their songs on the radio. MIKESCHAIR had a very good worship sound that I enjoyed. They played their hit songs "Someone Worth Dying For" and "Keep Changing The World".

The next band to play was Fireflight. Now don't get mad at me but I am not a big fan of Fireflight. But they did put on a very good show and  actually enjoyed it. They are making a fan out of me. Fireflight was more energetic and they definitely had alot of fans in the crowd. I thought that all in all they put on a good show. Then last but certainly not least Hawk Nelson took the stage playing "Your Love Is A Mystery". They had huge letters behind them that lit up spelling "Hawk".

You could tell by the crowds reaction that Hawk Nelson was the favorite and it wasn't hard to tell why. They put on a very fun and energetic show. They were all jumping around and having the fans clap and jump. Jason (the lead singer) also came through the crowd singing and the fans went nuts. It took Jason a while to make it back up on the stage. Then after a couple of songs I noticed that people behind me and beside me were starting to sit down. So I looked over and read the screen and it said for everyone to sit down because we were going to prank Hawk Nelson. It didn't take long for everyone to catch on. When everyone was sitting the band started laughing and Jason (the lead singer) said "I get it we suck!". It was hilarious! Later Jason admitted that he had also read the screen so he knew what was going on but he said it was a good try. Either way it was a blast. After Hawk Nelson finished their set and said goodbye fans started yelling "One More Song". So after a few minutes of persuading Hawk Nelson came back on stage wearing hilarious wigs and playing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

All in all it was a great show and a great tour, it was very organized and there wasn't much time between bands which was appreciated. I would definitely recommend this tour, the lead singer of Hawk Nelson said it was a pleasure to be part of the first annual music with a mission tour so there will be more to come. For more info check out the Music With A Mission Facebook page.

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