Friday, April 1, 2011

Thousand Foot Krutch Announces Guitar Finalists

Thousand Foot Krutch posted the 10 finalists for the Guitar Audition on their Facebook page. Now its up to the fans to vote for who they think should win! This is what Thousand Foot Krutch posted:

"It was tough, some very close call competitors, but we've landed on these for our top 10!  Fan voting begins!!  Let's see who wins!  a special thank you again, to everyone who submitted, you guys rule!!!

Here are the finalist, in no particular order:

1.) Marcus Laurine

2.) Darren Davis

3.) Sam Hauge

4.) Matt Madoni

5.) Clint Taxdahl

6.) Brandon Watson

7.) Jordan Leland

8.) Matt Lennander

9.) Scot Savale

10.) Seth Morrison

To vote, comment on this note with the person who you think should win. Each person should comment only once. Duplicate comments will not be accepted. Good luck and vote away! Voting ends on April 8th!"

So make sure that you guys vote and you can even comment and let me know who you voted for! :)


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Great pick! He was really good!