Monday, April 18, 2011

Canons Band

I came across a band called Canons the other day. I checked out their music and they have a cool mix of Rock and Worship music that I really enjoyed. They are an Indie band, so they aren't signed to any label. On their MySpace page they put "Canons’ purpose is to see lives transformed through the beauty of worshiping God with music. Ultimately, Canons is a worship band that understands worship is a lifestyle, not a sound. It is their goal to reflect that lifestyle in all that they do."

They sound pretty cool right? Well just wait I haven't even mentioned the best part! They are from MICHIGAN!!! Ok, so to most of you that is no big deal, but I am from Michigan! It's a big deal to me! You can check out their MySpace or Facebook. You can also Follow them on Twitter.

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