Saturday, October 11, 2014

Disciple - Attack Album Review

  After nearly two years, Disciple released a brand new album on September 23rd, titled Attack.

  Since Disciple's previous album was released back in 2012, the band has been through a lot of changes. Mainly changes in line up with nearly all of the former members leaving the band, except for lead sing Kevin Young.

  Now Disciple 3.0, as they have called themselves, boasts Kevin Young on vocals, Andrew Stanton (formerly of I Am Empire) on lead guitar, Josiah Prince (formerly of Philemont) on guitar, Jason Wilkes (formerly of High Flight Society) on bass, and Joey West (formerly of After Edmond) on the drums. Attack is the first album that all of these new members have all been featured on.

  Along with the lineup changes Disciple also decided to go independent for this album. So they turned to their fans and supporters and launched a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was a huge success, with the goal set at $45,000... by the end they more than doubled their goal by reaching $115,852!!

  To be honest I was a little skeptical going into this album. With all the changes that have happened with the band I wasn't sure what to expect. Would the sound still be the same? Would it be just another repeat of one of their previous albums? With the new lineup would they try and go mainstream, or water the message down?

However, part of me was anxiously excited, because Disciple has 20 years under their belt as a Christian rock band, and typically by the time bands reach that stage you tend to get tired of their music because you've heard it all before. So perhaps with the new line up it would something still very much Disciple but in a fresh way.

  After listening to the album, I was very pleased to say that Attack was the latter. The album still sounds very much like something you would expect from Disciple. However rather than a new fresh sound, it seems more like the band went back to their roots with a new album that sounds similar in style to some of their older stuff. The good ol' days kind of stuff!

  Attack offers everything you would expect from Disciple, with the high energy, Kevin's amazing vocals, thought provoking messages, and the drums!! Oh the drums... So much insane drumming I love it!! Kamikaze being one of the highlight tracks on the album for me, such a fitting title as well.

  I just love the fact that Disciple makes hard rock music, that at first listen people think is like evil (You know rock music = evil). Yet, nearly every song on this is full of scripture, encouraging and relateable. I just love that Disciple screams about Jesus. THIS is what Christian music should be. Both the music and the message are strong, Disciple doesn't compromise on either end and I love that!

  All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this album. If you are a fan of Disciple than this album is worth the investment! I definitely recommend that you pick up a copy or two!

  Thank you Disciple for releasing another solid album that continues to prove that you don't have to pick either a good sound or a good message, you truly can have both!

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