Sunday, August 24, 2014

One Thousand Gifts Book Review

I had the opportunity to read and review Ann Voskamp's best seller "One Thousand Gifts". I had seen the book all over, in every Christian bookstore that I go to. So I wanted to get a copy to read myself and see why the book was so popular. 

My first impression of Ann's book was that it was kind of lengthy and overly poetic, I didn't see why it was so popular... just being honest here. However, after reading more I realized what the book was really about. The slogan that goes along with book "A Dare To Live Fully Right Where You Are", led me to believe that the main message of the book would be about getting more involved in church, and serving where you are, that type of thing. Which isn't bad, but it is kind of over preached in Christian "self help" books, in my opinion at least.

So it was quite a relief and quite refreshing that the book was talking about appreciating things. I loved it! That concept is something that I feel is missing today. People (including myself) are always too busy trying to get the "important" things done and they don't take time to enjoy the little everyday things. Sometimes it isn't even about taking time, sometimes it just about looking at things a different way.

For example, for the past year I have been interning with a Christian hip hop artist. I have loved doing some online type of work with him and learning new things, but the role I really wanted to get into was traveling and selling merch.

So long story short I got my first chance to go "out on the road" with him last week. We had bus call (or should I say mini van call) at midnight, so we drove 10+ hours through the night to get to Dallas, PA so that George could play at a camp called Camp Orchard Hill (side note: COH is an awesome camp, the people there have great hearts. If you're ever in the area check it out!)

Well on our journey everything was new to me, from staying up all night to driving through the mountains, to stopping at Sheetz and even just the bonding time talking in the van. I LOVED it!! I soaked all this up and every little thing from getting free food, to worshiping God around a campfire with a ukulele, and even just meeting all sorts of new amazing people.

I was already on cloud 9, but then on the way home my favorite musician ever, Trevor McNevan, text George. Now I tried to contain my excitement, but I mean come on it's Trevor!!! After texting Trevor back George said "You know it's cool bring you out on the road because it's all new to you so you appreciate everything. I have kind of gotten use to some of this just as normal life, but seeing how special you think it is has made me appreciate it more!"

*Boom* God hit me with a truth bomb. How many things in my life am I taking for granted as just being "normal", but I should be appreciating? Since then I have been trying to notice the little things, like the way my dog gets excited when I get home, or how old people always have these amazing stories that if you take the time to listen are actually super interesting, or even the way everything gets the beautiful golden color as the sun starts to set. Man, I tell you after looking for these things I have been so much happier.

Now if I wouldn't have read this book, I don't think I would have learned that lesson. It's an important lesson to learn too! So I am thankful that I was able to read this book, and I highly recommend that you check it out! 

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