Sunday, November 17, 2013

Colin and Breanna - Journey Of Faith Album Review

Colin and Breanna are newlyweds, worship leaders and brand new parents. They obviously have a lot going on! To top all of that off, they just released a brand new album titled "Journey Of Faith".

Colin and Breanna have a sound that I would describe as a mix of country and worship. Their songs are comparable to that of  Lady Antebellum. With the beautiful and touching harmonies, Colin and Breanna truly have something special! There is no denying that!

As the title suggests, "Journey Of Faith" really tells a story of faith in Colin and Breanna's life. In my opinion a good song is one that you can connect to and one that makes you feel something. A song that plays your heartstrings, that is real and honest. This album has all of those qualities and for that I was very impressed!

By far my favorite song on the album is "By The This Summer Ends". This song is one of the sweetest most heartfelt songs that I have heard in a while. The song takes you an a journey from Colin and Breanna getting married, to having their first child! I think most newlyweds or new parents could really relate to this song. Below is the video for "By The Time This Summer Ends" I love it, it's so sweet.

All in all I really enjoyed this album, even more than I thought I would. This album seems very genuine and heartfelt and that is what I love most about it. I can't wait to see where Colin and Breanna go from here! In the mean time, I recommend that you check out this album.

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Vincent J. Vera said...

This is so beautiful!... Usually you see a touching video along with a song and it's like, okay, I get it.. But to be able to see the true story with the actual people who sing the song.. It's so different, it's like they're making you a part of their life, and it really connects you.. and on top of that, BOTH people in the video are on the album!.. This is just amazing!..