Monday, November 4, 2013

Caleb Ray - This Little Light Album Review

Caleb Ray is a musician and worship leader from Oregon. Tomorrow Caleb is releasing a brand new album titled "This Little Light".

To be completely honest it took me a little while to get warmed up to the album and really drawn in. However after just a couple of songs I was captivated by the sound and message. This album has an acoustic pop/rock sound that really intrigued me. 

While listening to music that I am reviewing, one of the things that I do is try to figure out what other band the music reminds me of. Then I can recommend the album to people already fans of the style. However at different times throughout the album I picked up on a couple different styles. For example on "This Little Light" there were parts that reminded me of We Are Leo, but then on the very next song "The Same" I could hear a little bit of Switchfoot. Although I would say that overall the album is most comparable to Tenth Avenue North. 

Lyrically this album is very thought-provoking and inspiring. I love it when a song can tug on your heartstrings and this album has some of those. My favorite song on the album is probably "Sing" and I love it mainly because of the message! The song says "Don't want to live for the money, don't want to live for the dream, don't want to live for the moment, don't want to live for me, don't want to live for a world, that's just waiting on the next big thing, I want to know that my hearts still beating, I want to live for the king."

All in all I really enjoyed this album. As I said before it took me a little bit to get drawn in, but then I was hooked! Each song had it's own personality so the album didn't blur together, but it was all cohesive and flowed really well. However what I loved most about this album was the lyrical content, and just the overall heart of the album! I would definitely recommend this album! 

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