Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Love & The Outcome Album Review

Love & The Outcome released their self titled debut album today! Below is my review of their album.

Love & The Outcome is a unique musical duo made up of husband and wife, Chris Rademaker and Jodi King. The two brought their different styles of music together to form the pop/rock mix that they play with Love & The Outcome. Chris and Jodi stepped out on faith, sold their house and traveled all over to pursue their passion, music. Through all of the ups and downs of their experiences this album was inspired. 

From the beginning this album has an energetic and happy sound that just draws you in. Musically I would say that the album is more pop inspired than rock, however there is a bit of both. This album has a cheerful sound that just makes you feel good. However I would've appreciated a little more diversity just to change up the sound and make each song more memorable.

There are a lot of great lyrics through out this album that really tell a story. It seems like Chris and Jodi really poured themselves and their hearts into this album. I love it when a song tells a story, when it makes you feel something and connect to the artist. The one song on this album that really stands out to me is "The Story You're Building In Me". The sound is simpler, the message seems sincere and it all just flows together beautifully. 

I am not a huge fan of pop music, but I actually really liked this album. I think since the songs told more of a story than just "let's have fun", I connected more with the album. I really loved a couple of the songs on the album and the others were pretty good as well. I hope that Love & The Outcome continues to write from the heart, and maybe even throws in a couple of acoustic songs for their next album! Until then I recommend that you check out Love & The Outcome. You might just love them! 

  1. When We Love
  2. He Is With Us
  3. No Mistaking (It's You)
  4. City Of God
  5. Ask
  6. The Story You're Building In Me
  7. Closer To You
  8. Bring Us Back
  9. King Of My Heart
  10. Heart Like You
  11. What A Promise

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