Thursday, July 25, 2013

Total Surrender Interview

How did Total Surrender get started?

Total Surrender got started as my wife and I - Rachel and Dylan Bradshaw - began leading worship at different bible studies and ministries in the RI area.  We then began playing out at local coffee houses with original music that I had written.  Jim Landolfi and Charlie Jacques began to come over just to play for fun originally.  Our music began to evolve and God began to really open up doors for us.

What were some of the other band names you guys considered, before deciding on Total Surrender?

Before deciding on Total Surrender - we didn't really take much time deciding on a name.  Jim already had the name in mind so he suggested it and we all said sure, sounds good.  I know, boring story but it's the truth!!  I've been in bands before where you spend weeks painstakingly thinking of a name.  Decide right away on your hunch - it's better that way.

If you had one day to do ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, what would you do?

If I could do anything, anywhere I would be really boring and do something like go to Israel to walk the steps of Christ or go to Australia to swim in that beautiful ocean =).

Who are some of Total Surrender's musical influences?

I have such a wide array of musical influences.  I didn't start getting influenced by "church music" until about five years ago.  I spent the majority of my life enjoying the music of the nineties grunge movement.  Bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, etc. really influenced me as a musician.  I don't recommend the messages these bands put forth today - they promote drug culture really.  Also bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and other classic rock artists have a big influence on my song writing.  Today I love the band Jars of Clay, I like Audrey Assad and a couple others.  You can hear some of our songs on our Facebook -! 

What one venue would you absolutely love to play at?

As a band we love all the venues we play at.  We love playing for youth groups because of their energy and presence.  The venue is really irrelevant.  Wherever people are who are excited about worship, and our music in general is a good place to play! 

What is the band's main goal with their music and lyrics?

Our main goal in our music is to write music with an honest, authentic message.  I feel like a lot of Christian music today has lost its way amid the big business atmosphere.  We want to write songs that inspire people to go deeper in their relationship with God, songs that inspire people to become more authentic and honest about who they are and who God's made them to be.  Basically, we want to challenge the status quo and stretch the genre.  God is the greatest artist and expects Christians to create that which is beautifully artistic.  This is my theology =).

Five Random Bonus Questions:

#1. What is your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is a Chinese restaurant in Providence called Apsara.

#2. Do you have any pets?

My wife and I do not have any pets.  Jim has a cat.

#3. What is your favorite TV show (currently)?

My wife and I don't watch TV but we do watch DVDs - we enjoy Kent Hovind's Creation Science Evangelism Seminars.  You can find them on YouTube.  I think these are really entertaining and valuable to watch.  

#4. Camping or Hotels?

I prefer camping because it's cost effective =).  200$ for a bed for a couple of hours - no thank you.  If my wife wants though we'll consider it.  

#5. What is something that you have always wanted to do, or something that is on your bucket list?

Something I'd like to do is go to Israel, go sky diving!  or Go Sky diving over Israel.  Hopefully I don't get hit by a rocket. 

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