Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Total Surrender Album Review

As soon as the album starts you get introduced to Total Surrenders sound through a song called "Dance Until You Come". This song has a pretty good upbeat worship type of sound. A lot of the music through out this album is more worship based I would say. However there are a few song that are musically more rock based, like "Free" or "The Only Way".

I would say that the lyrics and the message is where this album really shines. There are a lot of worship songs on the album that are just a reminder of how great our God is. You can tell a lot about a band, from the kind of songs they write. Some songs are more uplifting or encouraging, while others are more deep and really make you think.

This album isn't perfect, but I do see potential with Total Surrenders music. I personally would like to see more songs like "Church Doors" that seem more unified in the sound with the driving beat. For me there was a lot of different styles of music through out the whole album, which can be good to change it up but I thought it needed to flow a little better between songs. I really enjoyed the more laid back and acoustic parts of the album which are more like something a church worship band might play.

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