Monday, July 18, 2011

TV One Life

I wanted to share with you guys a couple videos off my favorite TV show, TV One Life. The first one is a funny video that they made, it is one of their "Extremely Safe Stunts".

Funny, right? They also interview bands on TV One Life. This video is an older video but it is my favorite because it has an interview with one of my favorite bands, Thousand Foot Krutch! Enjoy.

Don't you love Steve's (the drummer in the middle's) hair!

Ok so now you know that the show is funny and they interview awesome bands like, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Newsboys and many more. But TV One Life also has a great message on each episode that really speaks to youth. If you like these videos make sure that you check out TV One Life's Website to see what stations they are on, so that YOU can watch it on TV. Also you can Follow them on Twitter and make sure you like their Facebook Page.


Mike said...

Cool! :D Funny videos!

faith said...

You should check out season 3, just came out!

CoUrTnEy said...

I have seen the new Newsboys one! I really want to see the skillet one!