Thursday, March 24, 2011

Evil by Project 86

This year for Christmas I got a Music Video DVD that has a bunch of great songs on it, and one that really caught my attention was "Evil" by Project 86. I love the sound of this song and the video is just amazing! Although after watching the video a couple times I still couldn't figure what the song was really about, so then I found an Interview with Project 86 lead singer Andrew Schwab on Jesus Freak Hideout In the interview Andrew explained the meaning behind the song.
"I guess the key line in the song is 'Deep in the recess of every man is a thief, a robber, a criminal.' That whole concept. It's just saying that we're all on an even playing field - Billy Graham or just a destitute person searching for something. We are all equipped from birth with a hole in the middle of us that can really only be fulfilled by one thing. And the song sort of outlines striving to meet that hole by everything and anything except that and ultimately coming back to the realization that you can only be fulfilled in one area and that's God. And that's kind of the theme of the album as well." -Andrew Schwab
Here is the video! Enjoy!

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